Adult in Diapers

Adult diapers are no longer an embarrassing stigma as the science and medical communities have made everyone aware that urinary incontinence is simply a symptom of medical and physical problems. There are degrees or levels of incontinence, including “stress,” commonly experienced when one coughs, laughs or strains, as in an attempt to lift something; “urge,” meaning that people experience a strong desire to urinate immediately; and “overflow,” the sensation of pressure and needing to relieve a large amount of urine but only a small dribble is released.

Adult men and women are more willing to see physicians with the release of medical information on urinary incontinence due to their common causes. Many causes involve pregnancy; weak bladders; for men, prostate problems; various medical conditions; surgery; medications; and physical diseases such as dementia, arthritis, or Alzheimer conditions. In the early 40’s – 50’s, women were too embarrassed to purchase underwear pads, so they sent their male family members to the local drug stores. Today, many manufacturing companies who make diapers for adults are a household name, such as Depends adults diapers.

An adult in diapers, no longer needs to feel ashamed or uncomfortable; diapers for adults are specially designed for regular daily use, skin protection, leakage protection, and long wearing comfort. Diaper styles subsume adult briefs, protective underwear styles, belted shields, disposable briefs, cloth diapers, pull-ups, adhesive and insertable pads or guards. Diapers are also designed to keep moisture away from the skin so that diaper rashes do not occur in adults. Adolescent diaper companies ensure incontinence protection for moderate urinary release, maximum critical protection, daytime wear, and protection for nighttime wear.

Mature diaper manufacturers, i.e., Depends adults diapers, design diapers for uninterrupted sleep in nighttime wear as these diapers can hold up to a quart of liquid. Adult cloth diapers are dependable, providing the ability to be moisture absorbent anytime, and breathable, which also prevents odor. Cotton cloth diapers prevent rash irritations due to their softness next to the skin and their ventilation ability. Other durable adult diapers are made from soft terry or flannel cotton and are designed in varied sizes, shapes, colors for men and women, and daily wearable styles.

Doctors are best consulted when defecation occurs, but other self-help treatments encompass a lifestyle change to include choosing a diet that does not irritate the bladder muscles and which are high in fiber. Some foods to avoid include caffeine drinks, sugar, spicy foods, citrus fruits and milk. Kegel exercises for both men and women have proven very beneficial in managing incontinent conditions.

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